Weavings Available for Purchase

Doña Beatriz with the Only Ch’uspa She´s Woven for PAZA and a Large Weaving. Doña Deisy and Doña Maxima in the background.

The Andean weavings are a one-of-a-kind work of art combining hand-spun wool, the color palette of the local dye plants and cochineal, and the weaver’s skill with ancient weaving techniques. The tight weave makes for an enduring textile. Please send inquiries to dkdutcher@hotmail.com.

Ch´uspas, $95, the Ubiquitous Andean Carry-All
Ch´uspitas, $48 and Small One $22, Woven by Doña Beatriz Who Prefers Weaving Ch’uspitas to the Larger Ch’uspas
Zippered Pouch, (5″ x 8″), $19
With Wrist Strap, $20
Doña Felicidad and Doña Maxima with Pouches, Large Weavings on Table

Weavings for DYI Projects Include from Left: Large Weavings, Medium Weavings, Fajas, and Straps
Large Weavings, (63″ x 9.5″), $79
Medium Weavings (51″ x 7″), $50
Fajas, (70″ x 5″), $43, Woven by the Chicas´ Moms

Straps (78 x 1.5″), $22; Yoga Mat Strap for 1/8″ Sticky Mat, $22, Yoga Mat Strap for 1/4″ Mat, $23

Huancarani Weavers Doña Eulogia with a Pouch, Doña Cerila with A Medium Size Weaving and Faja, and Doña Justina with a Large Weaving

The women worry about the future of their weaving heritage, but it is the sales of the weavings that motivate them and the chicas to find time to weave. To purchase a weaving please send your inquiry to Dorinda at dkdutcher@hotmail.com. Sales today will affect PAZA’s ability to place future orders. Thank you.

Vilma Sewing a Special-Order Yoga Mat Strap
Doña Narciza Showing the Ñawi (Eye) Motif on the Rolled Border She Wove to Assemble the Ch’uspa

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